Unichief Mixer Grinder and Electric Coconut Scraper for Ease In Juicing And Grating

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March 16, 2017
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September 16, 2017

Unichief Mixer Grinder and Electric Coconut Scraper for Ease In Juicing And Grating

Unichief is a well-known brand of electric kitchen appliances in India. The company offers a wide range of mixers, grinders, juicers, coffee makers, food processors. Unichief mixer grinder price mainly depends on the capacity of the appliance in terms of wattage of the electric motor used in the appliance. The price range of this company is quite affordable. There are many models of grinders ranging from 750 W, 850 W and some other capacities. The price range would be somewhere around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8000 depending upon the capacity of the grinder.

Grating or scraping a coconut is a tedious task. Grated coconut is used for garnishing and also as a main ingredient in various recipes. The conventional manual tools for coconut scraping are inefficient and unsafe as it requires a lot of time to grate coconuts in bulk quantities. Many restaurants need grated coconut in large quantities and it would not be practically feasible to grate huge amount of coconuts using manual tools. There are strong possibilities of injuries and cuts on hands and fingers as the cutting edges of these tools are completely exposed.

Electric coconut scraper India has a round shaped multi-layer and multi-point cutting blade that revolves at lower speed. The coconut in half slice has to be fed against the rotating blade adding some pressure so that the content will be scraped in smaller particles. The blade can be cleaned easily, and would have a safety cap that needs to be placed on the blade when not in use so that the sharp edges would be covered. This is an important safety precaution because the sharp edges of the cutting blades of the grater can hurt and cause injuries. Even when the coconut grater would not be in use, the blades if exposed would not be safer.

Many south Indian sausages require huge amount of grated coconuts. Using the conventional tools, it may take a lot of time for grating coconuts. This would not be practically feasible as it would block the process of making delicious dishes especially in restaurants. Coconut cannot be easily sliced and served just like lime and onion. Therefore some amount of grated coconut needs to be ready for garnishing. Most of the recipes that require grated coconut need to be kept ready for service well before opening the service in the restaurants.

Chefs would prefer to keep good amount of coconut paste and grated coconut in the refrigerators for emergency use for making some special types of gravies and for garnishing some vegetables, rice dishes and sweets. Though grated coconut can be preserved for longer durations, there needs to be a reliable resource that would be helpful in grating coconuts in large quantities. Electric coconut scrapers can be the best solution for such issues. Freshly grated coconut is preferred in many recipes and electric coconut scraping machines can help the chefs to have good amount of grated and pasted coconut at considerably very low time duration.

Thus, various cooking operations are simplified and can be performed efficiently by the aid of electric kitchen appliances.

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