Unichef introduces India’s finest Juice Extractor with a revolutionary Extra Large Feeding Mouth that lets you Juice Whole Fruit / Vegetable without the hassles of cutting, chopping and pushing thus ensuring quantity juice in seconds. An 835 Watts Ball Bearing motor perfectly complements its Extra Large Feeding Mouth for Fine Juices. The Juicer accompanies many more features ensuring up to 30% more Healthy Juice Extraction than any other Juicer in the Market.

The XL Feeding Mouth does not deter you with the enjoyment of Extracting Juices from small thin Fruits such as Carrots, Beet Root, etc. Thus an option of Two Way Feeding mouth almost reduces your Juice Extraction time by half as you can constantly feed in fruits and vegetables at twice the speed in a single push.

What else after all this that Juice O Matic XL Series Juicer also comes along with a seed Collector which is designed to keep away Citrus Fruits’ seeds from being crushed along , and thus Healthy Juices enjoyed in its most convenient form and best taste. When we say convenient we again bring to light the utilities of Extra Large Feeding Mouth wherein you just have to peel off the Oranges and put them in without cutting into pieces. The Ultra Modern Blades and Spinner Mesh almost pulls the Fruits into the Juicer as one would rarely realize the need to push fruits inside the Juicer thus also giving a hands free experience.

A Power Juicer with an Extra Large Feeding Mouth, Seed collector, a Two Way Feeding Mouth Divider and the benefits of hands free use: all these features make Unichef Juice O Matic XL Series the Finest Juicers in the market. Not many have yet been able to resist using it.