What is so special about the Unichef range?

The Unichef Juice o Matic is specially designed product range for power jobs in kitchens. These high power products need high engineered research & development such that the high RPM motor with high speed blades make virtually no vibration and minimal noise even after years of use.

Is the Unichef commercial product range or a domestic range?

Surprisingly these products can be placed in the higher segment of domestic products and the medium segment of commercial appliances suitable for small and medium commercial kitchens.

Does that mean our products can replace those commercial machines in large hotels?

We do not claim to compare our products with jumbo high capacity fixed equipments meant for large quantity, but we claim to provide best products to suit high quality needs for all day use in small & medium food service commercial kitchens and Juice bars as they are not only high powered but also easy to store and less expensive. The high wattage motor is what makes those jumbo equipments run and we have engineered our product to be fitted with such a long life high powered motor thus it solves all day needs with an ease.

Are these high power products suitable for home purpose?

Obviously Yes! This is what they are manufactured for. We have manufactured these products keeping in view the entire work that originates in home kitchens. These products solve the entire needs of a home kitchen with an ease such that you do not have to spent time doing your job in splits. The entire range of Unichef kitchen appliances have been building to solve tough jobs and last for a generation to come.

What about the product quality?

Quality is what we at United Engineers(India) have always chased. We double check all our products manufactured on stringent quality standards which is above all others in the industry. The powerful motor with high speed revolutions would never let poor grade raw material sustain for a long time thus we have set up special quality check center to test each and every raw material that enters our assembling unit before it is fit into the Unichef product.

How to place orders with us?

You can simply send your contact information to us along with your email address so that we can get back to you. We at Utility Engineers(India) do not look forward to quantity to start business with our clients as we believe quality brings in quantity. Thus you can feel free to place an order with us according to your own needs. We prefer banks to play a positive role between us and our clients.